NUPI-OSCE Academy Research Mentorship

The Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) has supported the Alumni Network since its foundation. Numerous projects and programmes run by NUPI are aimed at increasing the research potential for alumni. In 2018, in addition to the well-established One-Year-Stay at NUPI research fellowship and 'History writing and nation-building in Central Asia' project, NUPI, jointly with the OSCE Academy, launched the Research Mentoring programme. Six graduates of the OSCE Academy were selected for the Research Mentoring programme. Mentorees work jointly with mentors at NUPI and will publish one academic article in a peer-reviewed journal in 2019. After publishing their articles, Mentorees will present the results of their work at international academic events. This programme is under the coordination of Dr. Indra Overland, Head of the Energy Programme, and Dr. Roman Vakulchuk, Senior Research Fellow, NUPI.

The selected alumni and their preliminary topics are:


Javlon Juraev 2017, Tajikistan: "Distribution of Renewable Energy Resources vs. Fossil Fuel Reserves across Countries"
Faruh Kuziev 2015, Tajikistan: "Museums, Memory and Meaning-Creation: (Re)constructing the Tajik Nation"
Aiperi Otunchieva 2012, Kyrgyzstan: "Renewable Energy in the Former Soviet Union"
Farkhod Aminjonov 2009, Uzbekistan: "Energy Security, Political and Socio-Economic Dimensions of Hydro-balancing in Central Asia"
Daniyar Moldokanov 2013, Kyrgyzstan: "Big Powers in Central Asia: Economic Dimension"
Harry Roberts 2016, UK: "Energy in the Caspian Region"


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