International Junior Professional Officer

In 2022 the OSCE Academy launched International Junior Professional Officer Programme for alumni who wish to build up their career in International Organization worldwide. Under IJPO graduates can undergo three-month internship at international organization/institution worldwide. (Except for the countries of the current residence/citizenship).

Conditions to apply for IJPO at non-OSCE organization:

• The main condition of IJPO is for you to find and facilitate it entirely by yourselves. Internship programme should last 3 months.
• The Academy can support your effort to apply/contact the host institution in the form of support letter for the visa or introduce the two parties and initiate the dialogue between the graduate and the host institution.
• The whole organization process (contacting the host institution, negotiations, visa/travel, finding the accommodation, other logistics) is a full responsibility of the graduate.

The Academy provides partial financial support:

- A monthly stipend for IJPO in Central Asian region is 470.77 EUR NETT, out of region countries is 692.31 EUR NETT. 

- Travel support within Central Asia region is up to 350 EUR, out of region is up to 800 EUR.

IJPO Regulations

The following alumni have successfully completed the IJPO Programme: 


1. Fardin Jamal'21

2. Fatima Framarz'19 

3. Maisam Amiry'21

4. Amrullah Haleemi'21

5. Abdul Matin Hakimyar'21


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