Since its inception the Academy has received funding from 21 OSCE participating States, and in-kind contribution from several international partner institutions located in pS. All donors of the Academy have demonstrated high level of dedication to the mission of the Academy and engagement with the actual activities undertaken by it.

For 2023 the OSCE Academy has received support for the implementation of its activities from:






Ongoing collaboration with the international partner insitutions:

NUPI Teaching by Dr. Indra Overland, Dr. Helge Blakkisrud, Dr. Roman Vakulchuk

           Research Fellowships, Research Activities, Research Fellowship for AlumniHistory Writing and Nation-Building in Central Asia

DAAD Professorship - Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mayer

OSCE PA Research Fellowship for Alumni


In the previous years, the OSCE Academy activities and developments were made possible due to continuous support of the current donors and also:


The OSCE Academy expresses its sincere gratitude to its old as well as newly acquired donors for their continuous support and investments into its activities, making the Academy’s input into the development of the region possible.

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