Public Lecture on Impact of Job-Education Mismatch on Earnings in Kyrgyzstan

27 July, 2022

On 26 July 2022, Dr. Burulcha Sulaimanova, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, delivered a public lecture on "The Impact of Job-Education Mismatch on Earnings: Empirical Evidence from Kyrgyzstan with Focus on Generation and Gender Difference". Dr. Sulaimanova presented an empirical analysis, based on Life in Kyrgyzstan (LiK) survey data collected in 2016, on the mismatch between the education and professional skills of workers and the needs of the labour market. She outlined horizontal mismatch, which refers to a situation where the level of education meets the requirements of the job, but the type of education is not appropriate for the given job; and vertical mismatch, which occurs when the level of education does not correspond to the level of qualification required for a given job (undereducation, overeducation, and well-matched). Dr. Sulaimanova also shared job-education mismatch by gender, generation, and region. According to the study, workers who are horizontally or vertically mismatched earn less than those who are well matched. Dr. Sulaimanova concluded her presentation by sharing recommendations and policy implications.


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