• Public Lecture “The Russian Military-Industrial Complex Today and Prospects for Future Development”

    On the 12th of July Ms. Karoliina Rajala, Associate Research Fellow of the OSCE Academy, gave a talk about the Russian military-industrial complex and its prospects for future development. This presentation aimed to provide an overview of the current state and workings of the Russian military-industrial complex by examining some of its recent successes as well as prevailing key issues. Ms. Rajala presented the historic development of the defense industry from the Soviet times until today and highlighted how the defense industry has served as a forerunner of the country’s innovation activity. Even today the Russian political elite sees it as a locomotive for economics, politics and society.


  • Guest Lecture “At the Crossroad between Diplomacy and Peacebuilding”

    On 5 July the OSCE Academy was honored to welcome Mr. John D. Marks, the founder and former president of Search for Common Ground (SFCG), a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on international conflict management programming. Mr. Marks delivered a guest lecture “At the Crossroad between Diplomacy and Peacebuilding” and elaborated on the notion of Track II Diplomacy, of its importance and the ways it works based on his decade-long personal professional experience. He explained the criteria that have to be fulfilled in order for Track II diplomacy to work on the example of the US-Iranian relations, a case he has worked on for more than 20 years.


  • UNAMA Representatives visited the OSCE Academy

    On 1 July Mr. Rohan Titus, Political Affairs Department Director and Mr. Maciej Dachowski, Political Officer for Regional Affairs of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), visited the OSCE Academy and met MA students from Afghanistan. During the meeting, Dr. Alexander Wolters, Director of the Academy, provided general information about the OSCE Academy and presented the overall admission statistics as well as specific numbers on Afghan candidates and enrollment of Afghan students. Following the introduction, Mr. Titus presented the internship opportunities for Afghan students within UNAMA and elaborated on further opportunities for collaboration between the Academy and UNAMA.


  • OSCE Academy Staff Retreat

    From 27-30 June OSCE Academy staff members participated in a Retreat at the picturesque lake Issyk-Kul.


  • Regional Training on the Analysis of the Impact of Regulatory Legal Acts held at the OSCE Academy

    From 24 to 29 June, the OSCE Academy conducted a regular Regional Training on the analysis of the impact of regulatory legal acts for junior and mid-level public officials from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, in order to improve the public officials professional skills and qualifications.


  • OSCE Representatives held Diplomatic Protocol Training for Academy Staff

    On 19 June representatives of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek held Diplomatic Protocol Training for Academy staff members. The aim of this training is to improve and further develop staff professional skills and qualifications, due to constant growth of Academy interaction and cooperation with high-level representatives of the Diplomatic Corps. Mr. Yuri Fenopetov, Senior Policy Adviser and Ms. Nargiza Bogombaeva, National Executive Officer presented the history of establishment of the OSCE in conjunction with diplomatic history and shared their knowledge and professional experience of diplomatic protocol.


  • Guest Lecture by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JIA

    On 19 June students of the MA Programme in Economic Governance and Development had a chance to meet Mr. Temirbek Azhykulov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Business Association JIA, within the framework of the Economics and Regulation of Energy Sector course taught by Dr. Bedelbai Mamadiev. Mr. Azhykulov shared his personal and professional experiences of working in the Energy sector.


  • OSCE Academy Developing Cooperation with MGIMO

    On 11 June the OSCE Academy and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MGIMO) established a framework for future cooperation. This cooperation aims to promote academic collaboration allowing the faculty exchange in the field of economics, law, security policy and international relations; internship opportunities for students of the OSCE Academy; implementation of joint research projects; exchange of information, scientific publications and experience, including participation in scientific conferences, seminars and symposiums.


  • Associate Research Fellow Dr. Sebastian Mayer delivered Public Lecture

    On 6 June the OSCE Academy’s Associate Research Fellow Dr. Sebastian Mayer delivered a Public Lecture on "Regime Complexity in Central Asian Security." During the lecture Dr. Sebastian Mayer talked about the regime complexity and border management in Central Asian countries and Georgia. In the first part of his presentation Dr. Mayer identified “regime” and “regime complexity” and gave an overview over his preliminary work in Georgia and the South Caucasus, as well as examined the crisis and border management in Georgia.


  • Two OSCE Academy Representatives take part in Strategic Security Meetings in Thailand

    On 27-29 May, faculty and staff members of the Academy MA Programme in Politics and Security, Dr. Emil Dzhuraev (Senior Lecturer) and Ms. Svetlana Dzardanova (Programme Manager), took part in the working meetings of the Strategic Security Network of the Near East – South Asia Center (NESA), “Difficulties and Opportunities of Connectivity”, held in Bangkok, Thailand.