Graduates, welcome to the very supportive career and professional club! Our OSCE Academy alumni community has 427 alumni working for the government, leading international and national non-profit organizations and private companies in Central Asia and beyond! Our alumni are doing great jobs and have a great potential to bring positive change in their communities! Some of our alumni are doing PhDs and pursue their interest in research of Central Asia.

We are all the young professionals who have shared the same experiences, taken the same courses and having similar aspirations and perspectives! This webpage is a tool to help you get an advice, print out your documents for your application purposes, find an alum who can help you with job search or who will mentor or guide you in a new organization or a new city during your transition period.

Get registered in our alumni community and keep engaged for our mutual progress and joint fun!

OSCE Academy Alumni at the 3rd Alumni Reunion, Retreat at the National Park Ala-Archa, 4 September 2016

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