Research & Publications

Developing and supporting sound scholarly research is part of the mission of the OSCE Academy. In line with the Mission statement of the Academy, all research activities supported by the Academy have regional approach, and represent practice-oriented and demand-driven research.

Innovative joint research projects bring regional scholars and practitioners together to enhance expertise on relevant Central Asian issues. Research projects are closely interwoven and are constantly monitored and re-evaluated to further improve their implementation.

The OSCE Academy welcomes cooperation with interested institutions and individuals from Central Asia and beyond in developing comprehensive research projects in the fields of political science, regional studies, sustainable development and human rights.

The current research-related activities of the Academy include hosting on a regular basis several Research and Teaching Fellows (young scholars hosted at the Academy engage in teaching and research), producing several policy papers as part of the OSCE Academy Policy Briefs in cooperation with partners GCSP and NUPI, developing research-related database on various topics in Central Asia as part of the CADGAT project in cooperation with NUPI and other ad hoc activities. The links on the right box introduce more details of the Academy's research projects.


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