• Public Lecture “To Bring the State Back: Mining Conflicts and Struggles for Political Participation and Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan”

    On 12 December, Dr. Asel Doolotkeldieva, Post-Doc Researcher at the OSCE Academy, delivered a Public Lecture “To Bring the State Back: Mining Conflicts and Struggles for Political Participation and Social Justice in Kyrgyzstan.” During the lecture, Dr. Doolotkeldieva reviewed mining industry and mining governance in Kyrgyzstan.

    13 December, 2019

  • Leadership Development Workshop for Alumni of the Academy

    On 12 December, the OSCE Academy organized the Leadership Development Workshop for alumni from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan of the MA Programmes working in managerial positions. This one-day intensive training was divided into two sessions. The first part was on gender mainstreaming in management strategy led by Ms. Gulnara Ibraeva, a prominent sociologist and expert on gender issues, where Ms. Ibraeva and the participants discussed basic concepts of gender equality, gender equity and gender mainstreaming in an interactive format.

    13 December, 2019

  • Graduation Ceremony 2019: The Alumni Network welcomes 46 new Graduates

    On 13 December 46 students of the MA Programmes in Politics & Security and in Economic Governance & Development received their degrees and graduated from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. Dr. Alexander Wolters, the Director of the OSCE Academy welcomed the members of the Diplomatic Corps, partners and donors as well as parents and friends of the graduates and gave an overview of the last 16 months that students spent at the OSCE Academy.

    13 December, 2019

  • Public Lecture on " Women in STEM in Kyrgyzstan: Portrayal in the Mass Media Versus Advocacy Efforts"

    On 11 December, Ms. Nazik Mamedova, Junior Scholar at the OSCE Academy, delivered a Public Lecture on "Women in STEM in Kyrgyzstan: portrayal in the Mass Media Versus Advocacy Efforts." During the lecture, Ms. Mamedova provided an overview of the work of women in STEM (abbr. science, technology, engineering, math) in Kyrgyzstan by reviewing the most relevant research publications and statistical data available on the topic, as well analyzing implemented initiatives in this area.

    12 December, 2019

  • Workshop on “Strategies of Academic Survival: writing approaches and publication strategies”

    On 10 December, the OSCE Academy conducted a workshop on “Strategies of Academic Survival: Writing Approaches and Publication Strategies,” led by Dr. Abel Polese, Senior Research Fellow at Dublin City University, Ireland. The workshop is based on his book: “The SCOPUS Diaries and the (il)logics of Academic Survival: A Short Guide to Design Your Own Strategy and Survive Bibliometrics, Conferences, and Unreal Expectations in Academia” and is targeting young researchers, post docs and PhD students to help them to design writing and publication strategies.

    11 December, 2019

  • Public Lecture on "Operation Reality of the Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia"

    On 2 December, Ms Niva Yau Tsz Yan, Junior Research Scholar at the OSCE Academy delivered a Public Lecture on "Operation Reality of the Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia." During the lecture, Ms. Yau provided data on BRI policy and BRI projects implementation in Central Asian states from China’s perspective shown through governmental documents.

    5 December, 2019

  • International Engagement of the Academy Faculty Member

    In November-December 2019 Dr. Anja Mihr, DAAD visiting professor at the OSCE Academy participated in a number of international academic events and taught several courses in different countries.

    2 December, 2019

  • Round table on “Dialogue on Migration” was held at the Academy

    On 26 November, the OSCE Academy conducted a round table titled “Dialogue on Migration” as part of the Seminar on analytical writing in Kyrgyz language, which was held from 4 to 8 November at the OSCE Academy. Participants of the training presented their papers on topics related to Migration, Agriculture and Changes in rural areas. Mr. Akylbek Tashbulatov, Director of the Centre for Support of International Protection, Mr. Nurlan Sagynaliev, Head of Migration Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic and Ms. Gulkayir Apasova, Head of the Department of Gender Issues, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, attended the event and discussed current situation on migration in the country, as well as gave their points of view on the papers of the training participants.

    28 November, 2019

  • Students of the IUCA visits the Academy

    On 26 November, students of the International University of Central Asia (IUCA) visited the OSCE Academy and listened to presentation by Ms. Kalbiu Argynova, Librarian/Archivist on how to work with online library catalog and use the electronic databases. Furthermore, the students had a chance to take a quick tour around the Academy and to learn more about its MA Programmes.

    26 November, 2019

  • Finnish Ambassador visits the OSCE Academy

    On 25 November, H.E. Mr. Mikko Kivikoski, Ambassador of Finland to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, visited the OSCE Academy. Dr. Alexander Wolters, Director of the Academy, and Ms. Indira Satarkulova, Deputy Director of the Academy, welcomed the Ambassador and presented recent updates and latest developments of the institute.

    26 November, 2019