Roundtable “Central Asia’s Readiness for Climate Change: Science and Policy”

10 July, 2024

Date: July 10, 2024
Location: Conference Hall, OSCE Academy and online
For offline and online participation REGISTER HERE

Languages: Russian and English (with simultaneous translation)



Central Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change. According to international data, both ecology and economy will face significant challenges. Despite these major challenges, the region urgently needs a research base for the development and implementation of climate policy.

Recognizing the need to develop local scientific potential, the OSCE Academy, within the framework of the Jean Monnet project “European Climate Policy,” is organizing a roundtable. During the roundtable, participants will exchange views on the development of research potential in the field of climate policy. Participants will also discuss research priorities for the countries in the region.

The aim of the roundtable is to highlight research priorities for policy development and action plans to enhance research activities in the field of climate change in Central Asia.

Objectives of the roundtable:

• Identify opportunities and limitations for conducting research in the field of climate policy.
• Create a list of research needed by decision-makers.
• Familiarize with the latest scientific works in the field of climate change and climate policy.

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