Public Lecture: 'Increase Your Income and Profits Through Non-Corruption'

On 17 November the OSCE Academy had the privilege to host a Public Lecture themed "Increase Your Income and Profits – Through Non-Corruption" by Dr. Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin, Executive Director of ICC Austria - International Chamber of Commerce, and Kodir Kuliev, an alumnus of the Academy’s MA Programme in Economic Governance and Development and Adjunct Professor of International Studies & Ethics at Webster University in Tashkent.

The Guest Speakers explained the value of clean business based on numerous real-life examples. Nowadays, most corrupt persons fear that without corruption they will be losing money and business opportunities. Without corruption, they believe, they may be poor (again), thus strongly resisting efforts for change, for non-corrupt actions. The experts discussed different ways to run the economy and showed that without corruption, enterprises can increase their profit. The lecture also covered the mathematics and mind-set of corrupt agents in both public and private sectors, what influences people to undertake corruption, premier and back-up tools one should be looking for to minimize corruption and the ways to limit the threat of corruption in an organization and society.

The recorded lecture is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsPNPYwvo-A