Virtual Plov Cook-Off Brings Together Alumni from All Over the World

On 25 October OSCE Academy in Bishkek held a virtual networking event called "OSCE Academy Plov Cook-off", initiated by two of our alumni Rashid Gabdulhakov and Farkhod Aminjonov. Both culinary experts instructed other alumni on how to cook two variations of the most famous Central Asian dish - Oshi Sofi and Namangan plov. Thirteen alumni from Central Asia, The Netherlands, Germany, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and The United Arab Emirates gathered together on a Sunday evening and had productive and joyful two hours full of laughs, heart-warming moments and cultural, and political debates. The online cook-off culminated in the culinary artworks parade made by the participants. Follow the hashtag #OSCEAcademyPlovCookOff on social media to see more pictures of the event!

Also, check out more on the event and the philosophy of plov HERE.