Dr. Farhad Kerimov holds PhD in Politics, University of Exeter, 2016. Dr Farhad Kerimov teaches Political Theory. His teaching experience includes American University of Central Asia and University of Exeter.

• The political economy of Central Asia.
• Masculinist logic in the politics and government of Central Asian states.
• Currently developing the design for a postdoctoral research project entitled ‘Democracy in Central
Asia’. Application for funding is expected to commence in 2017. The project has two objectives. First,
it will provide a narrative of the social and political ethos of Central Asian nations by examining the
intellectual source materials of 18-19th centuries. The research objective here is to account for
particular values, principles, and norms that constituted the political ethos in the region for analytical
examination for family resemblances to the core principles and values of a democratic ethos such as
equality, freedom, common good, and openness. Second, it will address the challenges for democracy
in Central Asia from a normative perspective by developing a critical argument on the extent to which
current political realities reflect the political ethos of the region as it existed before the Russian


• ‘Incomplete understanding and openness in democratic politics’, forthcoming in Rivista di Storia delle
Idee, April 2018
• Review of Idil Tuncer-Kilavuz, Power, Networks and Violent Conflict in Central Asia: a comparison of
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (Abington, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2014), in Central Asian Survey,
October 2016