One-Year-Stay at NUPI

One-Year Stay at NUPI

This fellowship is exclusively targeted at the alumni of the OSCE Academy. Graduates of any year may apply. Two alumni will be selected to spend a year at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), starting in January. This stay is an add-on to the MA degree from the OSCE Academy, and the purpose is to further prepare the two successful applicants for work in international affairs or study at PhD level by deepening their practical and academic experience. The two will be placed in the Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies (for more information about the department, see Candidates should be ambitious, hard-working, versatile and easy to get on with.

The selected alumni will each receive a stipend of NOK 13,500 (ca. USD 2,200) per month. The first month they will receive a double stipend. The stipend is supposed to cover the expenses in connection with their stay in Norway, including accommodation (the stipend is sufficient for one person to live in Oslo with a cautious lifestyle). In addition, NUPI will cover a total of two return flights from their country of residence to Norway.

Selection criteria

Applicants should have good grades, excellent written English and they should be able to read and speak Russian. In addition, the following criteria are not mandatory, but would be viewed positively: relevant work experience or studies apart from the OSCE Academy; familiarity with Excel and/or statistical analysis; academic or analytical publications (or unpublished reports). The best qualified candidates will be contacted for a phone or Skype interview and may also have their English language and other skills tested before being finally selected.

The finalists of this felowship are:


Shemshat Kasimova '10

Bakhrom Mananov '11


Natalia Zakharchenko '12

Said Reza Kazemi '12


Nuraida Abdykapar kyzy '13

Daniiar Moldokanov '13


Tatyana Djiganshina '14

Vasiliy Lakhonin '14


Nurbek Bekmurzaev '14

Gulaikhan Kubaeva '14


Saule Aripova '15

Galina Khegay '16


Javlon Juraev '17

Daniyar Kussainov '14

For further information, contact Indra Overland:

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